Stop Dreaming and Start Building!


Cedar Boat Works is located right here in the Great Northwest in Portland. We started out following our hobby of building wood strip canoes, and in 2012 built our first paddle board—The Willamette Pearl. Now a majority of our business  is building Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Kits and Boards. Whether you are a beginner Stand Up Paddle Boarder, or an expert; at Cedar Boat Works we will provide you with the best support for learning, buying and building.

Our Competitive Edge

All of our boards are designed and built to the highest quality. We use a hollow “airplane wing” construction using locally grown, sustainable Western Red Cedar. The shape of the boards are designed and engineered to be extremely accurate to give the best performance. The craftsmanship and wood selection make each board unique and a true head turning functional work of art. While many people think the boards are too ‘pretty’ to put on the water, these boards are tougher than the form core boards available.


We want to provide top quality products for Stand Up Paddle Boarders, Yogi’s (yoga goers), water sport athletes, and people who are just getting into the sport of Stand up Paddle Boarding. We also offer kits which allows crafty woodworkers to construct their own Stand Up Paddle Boards, plus save some money. Our means is to construct products while being environmentally conscious; and promote outdoor activities on the water.