Here’s our 2014 Paddles lineup


You built it yourself – If you choose to build one of our kits, you’ll have experience the unique pleasure and satisfaction that comes from taking the time to create something with your hands and love and energy.

What are the benefits of using a kit, vs. buying a completed version? – There are two main benefits of building a board or paddle yourself. The cost is significantly less, and you get to be proud of building your own, custom work of art.

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Hand Crafted SUP Paddle

Here are some reasons our paddles really stand out:

  • Right length – We can custom size our paddles to fit you
  • Oval shaft – An oval shaft fits best in your hand and offers maximum strength
  • Bend shaft – The blade is bent at 12% which is the optimum angle
  • Blade placement – Placing the blade in the center of the shaft helps create more even strokes.
  • Shaft composition – The paddle must be somewhat flexible to prevent shoulder fatigue, but not so flexible as to waste energy or break. Our paddles use a fiberglass inlay as well as a hardwood center strip to get the near perfect combination of flexibility and strength.
  • Looks great – Our paddles and boards are real wood, feature nice curves, and can be personalized with inlays or decals