• Yachats Yoga Board

    Made with Yoga being the main priority.

  • Yachats Yoga Board

    Lightweight and comes with a built-in carry handle.

  • Yachats Yoga Board

    Stunning cedar-strip construction with a durable yet shiny clear coat.

  • Yachats Yoga Board

    Welcome to true tranquility.

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CNC Forms, Basic Kits, Custom Kits and thorough; yet easy-to-follow instructions.

Description: This board has been designed to be a great flat water paddle board as well as one of the most stunning SUP Yoga platforms available. We have been working with several SUP Yoga enthusiasts to design a board with has the touches that are important.

The Boards is 11 feet 6 inches long, 32 inches wide, 3 1/3 thick with a 2 1/2 inch rocker on both ends.

The board is very similar to our Columbia Star board

  • Beautiful all wood construction
  • Light weight
  • Built in carrying handle
  • Textured (gritty) clear non-skid surface on the standing area

with the following changes:

  • Length – 6 inches shorter
  • Width 2 inches wider for more stability
  • Depth 1 1/2 inch shorter with less dome
  • Weight ~ 8-10 lbs lighter
  • Yoga Mat fastener (18 x 24 inch knee mat ) and (24 x 72 full mat)
  • Fasteners at the nose and tail for GoPro camera or connecting multiple class boards together


“It’s a totally different experience than in the studio. You’re out in the elements and have a total connection to nature. It’s so relaxing and meditative. It feels amazing.”


“Even plank pose is more challenging […]. You definitely feel those tiny muscles that you don’t activate on the ground.”


“I always found yoga to be so serious, but out on the water the attitude is much less serious.” ~~ “In a studio, I find myself trying so hard to do everything perfectly that I forgot how fun yoga is. SUP yoga is a reminder that it’s not so serious.”

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